5 Fun Family-Friendly Halloween Activities

My family and I are big on Halloween Activities since it is one of my Favorite Holidays. Aside from dressing up, which in my house involves the whole family, fur babies included.

We also do other fun activities that have become family traditions that can become yours, too!

1.     Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch image with a decorated pumpkin

Even before we had our daughter, my husband and I have been going to our local pumpkin patch every year to get pumpkins and carve them. Once we had Paloma, we began painting our pumpkins, and this year we began decorating them. If you do not have a pumpkin patch close by, you can still buy pumpkins at your local grocery store or get a pumpkin from Michaels.

Also, you can pick up at Michael’s this Pink Cat Pumpkin Character Kit by Creatology™ to decorate your pumpkin. My daughter had so much fun decorating hers, and it was a fun mommy-and-daughter day.

2.     Trick-or-Treating at a Zoo or local events

We have always been lucky enough to live near a Zoo, but some towns and cities make trunk-or-treat and Halloween trick-or-treating events for kids on the weekends leading up to Halloween, and this is a fun way to trick-or-treat in a safe environment. We had a blast with friends and family at our local zoo’s event this year.

3.     Halloween Craft Night

Aside from decorating pumpkins, we also picked up this Halloween 3D Haunted House Craft Kit by Creatology at Michael’s, now on sale for $3.99! It was a craft we had to do together, and she had to be supervised to do it, but we had so much fun making the house together, and it was a great activity.

If you do not want to make the Haunted House, they also have the Halloween Ceramic Magnet Kit by Creatology™. Which we also picked up and will be putting together next weekend. They are also on sale for $3.99 at Michael’s. I will update and add a picture of ours when we are done.

If your family decided to make any of these crafts, we would love to see how yours came out. Please post a picture of them in our comments and share it with us.

4.     Making bead necklaces and bracelets

By this point, I think you might start noticing that we had a shopping spree at Michael’s, and I will say that I spent more than I would like to admit. Another fun craft we made was these beaded necklaces with the Pony Bead Kit in Ghost Box by Creatology™.

This is an excellent activity for four and 5-year-olds to practice their fine motor skills, and it was a lot of fun. We also made these during one of their free craft days; it was a lot of fun.

5.     Dance Party

You can do this free at home in the living room; play Kid Halloween songs from your favorite music app and have a Dance Party. If you want to go crazy, you could buy some glow sticks from the dollar store or Amazon. Turn off the lights and go wild.

Here are a couple of YouTubeVideos with a Halloween Music List that is Family-Friendly

Hope you enjoyed our blog and Halloween Ideas. Please share your costumes and crafts in the comments below.

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